[VIDEO] Jenna Ellis Explains Why Biden Isn't Reacting Like a "Normal Politician" to His Sinking Poll Numbers

Joe Biden is a career politician. The man has been in office for 765 years, give or take a few. So, he knows his way around the swamp – I’d guess he has murky-green swamp water coursing through his veins. The point is, Biden isn’t reinventing the political wheel… he’s an out-of-date, clueless establishment politician with a raging case of Alzheimer’s, or some other cognitive nightmare, who may or may not understand the daily happenings around him. Yet, even if Biden was totally out of it, as a career politician, he’d know exactly how to react to tanking poll numbers, wouldn’t he?


Of course, he would. Polls and donors are the only things that matter to these sleazebags.

So, if that’s the case, why is Joe ignoring his ghastly poll numbers and doubling, even tripling down, on everything Americans hate? Why is he brushing off supply chain issues, hardly lifting a finger to correct the gas crisis he created, and shoving through mandates and bills that Americans are not pleased with?

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Well, according to President Trump’s attorney Jenna Ellis, there’s a very good reason why Biden is doing this…

Jenna says that it’s not actually Biden at the helm. It’s his commie “Handlers,” and they know they don’t have a lot of time and are ramming through whatever unpopular policies they can dream up, and make whatever power grabs they can while the gettin’ is good.


You can watch the video below:

It’s also clear that Joe Biden was always going to be a one-term installed “president.”

They didn’t want him to begin with, but when it became apparent that he was all they had left, they knew it was 4 and done (if they’re lucky). And things got especially grim-looking when Kamala, his cackling sidekick, with her even worse poll numbers, was clearly not an “heir” to the commie throne.


So, this is now the worst-case scenario. Power-thirsty evil commies with nothing to lose, on a tight time line.

Hang on folks, the fight is just starting.

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