[VIDEO] Jenna Ellis Looks Out Her DC Window and Spots "Marine One" Behaving Oddly...

Doesn’t it seem like everything in DC is weird and even a bit “creepy” nowadays?


And that’s not being kooky to say that – because things are legitimately odd.

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Starting with the fact that DC now looks like the “Hunger Games,” and the WH is always dark and dreary, and has a gloomy vibe.

It’s changed a lot in just 65 days.

Nowadays, Biden needs weeks to prepare for a simple press conference, and he won’t deliver a SOTU, and everyone in DC is wearing 15 masks at a time.


It’s funny because the left is always talking about how Republicans will turn the US into the “Handmaid’s Tale….” But I have watched that show, and ironically, right now, the US has never looked or felt more like the dystopian city of “Gilead” than it does now.

Well, to add to the air of “strangeness” happening in DC, President Trump’s former election attorney Jenna Ellis spotted something a bit odd about “Marine One” in the DC skies.

Jenna said that for 7.5 hours, “Marine One” (technically, it’s only officially referred to as “Marine One” when a president is on board) has been flying in circles.

Jenna wonders if they’re taking Biden on a “joy ride”… sadly, that might be true…

You can watch the video below:

I’m not sure what’s going on here, but some Twitter users chimed in with what they thought was happening:

“Biden is reading the map.”

“We used to take our baby for rides in the car so he could sleep. Need I say more.”

“Surveilling all those Dominion voting machines at the bottom”

“Joe gave them directions and they a blindly following them…like the left’s base does.”

“Don’t know where the southern border is.”

“It’s Kamala. She’s looking for a good place to hide a body…”

“They are looking for their lost dementia patient. He escaped.”


Perhaps it’s some training exercise, although that does seem like a long time to be up in the air just going in circles.

What do you think it is?


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