[VIDEO] Joe Biden Not Wearing a Mask While Surrounded by Staff and Press

The central theme of Joe Biden’s campaign is to wear masks. At one point, he even supported a nation-wide mask mandate and vowed to shut the country down again if Dr. Fauci and the “experts” said that was needed.

The media and the Democrats have chastised President Trump for not wearing a mask – why, just last night President Trump stood alone on his balcony at the White House, and the media had a meltdown when he took off his mask.

A complete and total meltdown…


Jake Tapper was so triggered he took this virtue signaling selfie of himself alone in a CNN breakroom, with his mask on.

So, will Jake scold Joe Biden for not wearing a mask as he walked amongst staffers and press?

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Will Jake accuse Mr. Biden of not being an “adult” because he doesn’t have a mask on outdoors around several people?

Will Jake and other “reporters” ask Biden why he went from wearing a mask (in the shower??) to now going mask-free?

You can watch the video below:

If wearing a mask is the central focus of your campaign, you probably shouldn’t be caught like this without one, right?

Why is Joe suddenly going maskless, especially around other people?

Don’t hold your breath for the answer, because our useless press will likely never bother to ask him.

Their job is to cheerlead and provide cover for Jow, not hold this complete hypocrite accountable.


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