[VIDEO] Joe Biden Suffers a 5-Second-Long "Dementia-Like" Moment on Live TV

How much more are we as Americans supposed to put up with?


We’re sitting here watching a man, who is arguably suffering from a raging case of Dementia or Alzheimer’s “run the country” into the ground, and everyone around us – the media, Dems, and even the GOP – are just completely ignore it as if it’s not happening in front of everyone’s faces.

And these people wonder why we don’t trust them?

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Time and time again, the country is utterly humiliated by this senile buffoon who is carried out, and propped up with his earpiece and flashcards, and who can’t string a sentence together on his own to save his life.

And that’s supposed to be okay?

Nothing to see here…


The fact that the media doesn’t call this man’s sickness out is our biggest proof yet that they’re fake/propaganda news and an arm of the Democrat Party.

Every time Joe gets placed before a camera something goes haywire.

And today was no exception.

While making comments regarding the departure of American troops from Afghanistan (thank you, President Trump), Bumbling Biden had yet another “brain freeze.”

It basically looked like 5-long-seconds of “Dementia illness” happening right before our eyes.

And then when he finally came to, he took credit for the Osama Bin Laden killing that he actually opposed.

This sickly goof doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing or talking about.


Yes, it’s hard to watch this sickly man make a fool of himself, but I’m tired of the White House being used as this man’s personal Dementia unit…

Sorry, but that’s how I feel.


Place him in a real care facility for people with cognitive issues, where he belongs.

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