[VIDEO] Jon Voight Says The “Joe Biden Lie” is Our Greatest Fight Since the Civil War...It’s Us vs Satan...and We Must Win

Jon Voight is truly one the most impressive and inspirational voices conservatives have.

Whenever we are faced with a challenge, he always invokes a message that is incredibly powerful and moving.


And this time is no different.

Voight is clearly disturbed, like many other Americans, at the theft in this election and he brilliantly calls this out in his latest video where he declares that Joe Biden is a “lie” and that this fight is the greatest we’ll face since the Civil War.

Watch the video:

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Who else here gave that video a standing ovation?

It’s absolutely amazing!

And Voight of course, received an outcry of support from it on social media:

Thank you Jon! ❤️🇺🇸

Thank you. I am crying.. and praying for our country. 🇺🇸

Much respect to you for having the courage to defy Hollywood norms and speak out for what’s right.

Thank you for speaking the truth for God Almighty across the internet. Beautiful!

Thank you for your message!! You are a true American I thank God for your voice!!

God bless you Jon…..I heard you speak in 2016 in Columbus. You awakened me to who Soros is. Satan manifested in flesh.

We are winning. Good prevails.

Yes sir this is definitely good verse evil! Thank you for lending your name for support. Praying our Heavenly Father will intervene in this travesty!

Actors like Voight really are a dying race.

Maybe if Hollywood had more voices like him, then the American public wouldn’t despise them as much.

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