[VIDEO] Juan Williams Sparks Mass Outrage With Offensive Statement on DC Carjacking

Just when you think Juan Williams can’t get any dumber, he does and does something like this.


During the panel on “The Five” today Juan put himself in the line of fire when he claimed that the two teenage carjackers who killed a man in DC were just going on a “joy ride.”

“I don’t think they intended to kill anybody. They were looking to have a joy ride. It went way wrong, way out of control, and ended up in a gross tragedy.”

This man doesn’t think before he speaks and I don’t know why he is still allowed on the air to spew so much stupidity.

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When Juan goes on a “joy ride” does he bring a taser with him?

Also, when he’s joyriding around town, does he drag a mam, who’s hanging half-way out of the car?

Oh, and then when the joy ride is over do you ignore the dying man on the sidewalk and worry about where your phone is?

This man is an absolute idiot and he’s offensive to boot.


You can watch the video below:

Here are some of the comments to Juan Williams:

“There is no excuse for this murder.”

“They walked right past Mohammad Anwar’s body and the only regret they had was leaving their phone in his car. How anyone could watch that video and think the two girls set out for a ‘joy ride’ is beyond me.”

“‘It’ didn’t happen in a void. ‘It’ wasn’t some abstract freak accident like a meteorite or a land slide. ‘It’ was definitely no accident. Stop trying to minimize what the criminals did. THEY did this. THEY are the only responsible ones for the death of that poor man.”

“”Intent to joyride” doesn’t exactly make them innocent. They did what they did. No excuses.”

“Pathetic and disgusting.”

“Nothing tells a joy ride as using a taser. Which is a weapon capable of killing on its own.”

“Clown. You can’t do the time. Don’t do the crime. They murdered this guy.”

“You don’t have a joy ride in somebody else’s car against their will!”

“He always has something stupid to say.”

“Who is this guy and why is he stating his punk ass views on national TV? He should be sued by victims family!!!”
“Just when you think Juan can’t get any more insane …what goes on in that mans head? WTF ? Shut that whack job up ! No excuse for his delusions. WOW! Sure, Innocent lil teen darlings all carry stun guns & act like http://that.It’s always a trip to crazy town with Juan”

“A joy ride. What a disgrace”

“Juan Williams is the reason I can’t watch the Five anymore…if he truly believes what he says on that show then the man has some serious mental health issues…I just can’t watch and by doing so support that type of sick thinking.”

“Weak azz response, we seen the same video. When the stun gun was mentioned, all of a sudden he don’t know anything? They really need to call it out for what it was.. joyriding isn’t tazing an innocent man, then dragging him in his own car because you had your foot on the gas..”

“Dear Juan, there is a dead man who is completely innocent. Stop making excuses, please”


If Fox News had any integrity at all, they’d fire Juan Williams.


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