[VIDEO] Just 24-Hours After Trump Called For Pre-Debate "Drug Testing" Pelosi Now Says Joe Shouldn't Debate

Just 24-hours After Trump called for he and Biden to be “drug tested” before the debates, Pelosi says Biden shouldn’t debate.

Here’s what Trump said:

From Washington Examiner

President Trump says he will call for drug tests for both former Vice President Joe Biden and himself before the first candidates’ debate on September 29. In an Oval Office interview Wednesday, the president expressed suspicion at what he said was a sudden, marked improvement in Biden’s debate performance during the Democratic primary season and suggested that he believes the improvement was the result of drugs. The president offered no evidence to support his speculation.

Biden took part in 11 debates during the primary season. Most were against a crowded field of candidates, but the final debate, on March 15, was just Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders. The president claimed to see a big difference between the last debate and those that came before.

“Nobody thought that he was even going to win,” Trump said. “Because his debate performances were so bad. Frankly, his best performance was against Bernie. We’re going to call for a drug test, by the way, because his best performance was against Bernie. It wasn’t that he was Winston Churchill, because he wasn’t, but it was a normal, boring debate. You know, nothing amazing happened. And we are going to call for a drug test, because there’s no way — you can’t do that.”

Q: “What do you think was going on?”

“I don’t know how he could have been so incompetent in his debate performances and then all of a sudden be OK against Bernie,” Trump answered. “My point is, if you go back and watch some of those numerous debates, he was so bad. He wasn’t even coherent. And against Bernie, he was. And we’re calling for a drug test.”

Q: “Is this like a prizefight, where beforehand you have a test?”

“Well, it is a prizefight,” Trump answered. “It’s no different from the gladiators, except we have to use our brain and our mouth. And our body — to stand. I want all standing; they want to sit down.”

The president based his call entirely on his own observations, and not on any actual knowledge of Biden’s actions. “All I can tell you is that I’m pretty good at this stuff,” he said. “I look. I watched him in the debates with all of the different people. He was close to incompetent, if not incompetent. And against Bernie he was normal…And I say how does that happen?”

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Now, suddenly Pelosi is saying Biden shouldn’t debate?

That sounds mighty suspicious, right?

It’s obvious what’s happening here — the Dems have a candidate who clearly has some level of Dementia and if he’s not “drugged” up on a special cocktail, he can’t function.

They keep joe stuffed away in the basement most of the time, and the person delivering the rebuttal to Trump’s RNC acceptance speech is Kamala Harris, not Joe Biden.

Why? Why can’t Joe deliver a speech in “real-time?”

Here’s what a senior writer from Real Clear investigations has to say about Pelosi’s bombshell:

“With a normal candidate, I think they would be more likely to get away with this — but given the questions surrounding Biden’s mental acuity, not a chance.”

Here’s Pelosi making her comments today. Her excuse is that if Biden debates Trump it “legitimizes” him.

Ha ha ha WHAT?

The American people already did that, you old crone.


You can watch the video below:

Look, if Biden doesn’t debate, he should just concede now, because this crap isn’t going to fly with the American people.

He’s already under deep suspicion for dwelling in his basement.

Boy, the Dems are in really, really big trouble.


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