[VIDEO] Kamala and Maddow Cackle Like a Couple of 6th Grade Hens Over the "Debate Fly" on Pence’s Head

Well this has gotta be the cringiest thing you’ll see all week…

At the end of her segment, Rachel Maddow made a point of asking Kamala Harris about the fly on Mike Pence’s head during the last vice presidential debate.


Good lord, they really can’t stop talking about this dumb fly.

It really stopped being amusing like 10 minutes after it was first spotted.

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But I digress…

Kamala claimed that she did see the fly and then the two of them cackled together in the most cringeworthy scene ever allowed to air on television.

Watch the video:

I mean, what is so funny about this friggen fly?

They weren’t laughing this much when it landed on Hillary during her presidential debate in 2016.

Twitter users had some pretty hilarious comments on this childish display:

“That’s hard-hitting stuff right there.”

“So awkward…I would hate to be stuck at dinner with those two”

“These are 6th graders”

“Journalism. I would have put that in quotations, but that is actually a representation if our national journalism.”

“Just two multimillionaires having their coffee chats on TV.”

“Are there people that actually watch this show?”

Yeah great job Maddow.

Asking about a fly is some real “hard-hitting” journalism.

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