[VIDEO] Kamala Harris Let's it Slip that Joe's White House Would Actually be the "Harris/Biden Administration"

I was shocked when Joe Biden picked Kamala Harris as his VP. She’s a terrible choice.

She couldn’t even win her own home state in the Dem primary. She was forced to leave the race, after failing to “catch on.”  She’s done next to nothing in the Senate, she’s about as likeable as Hillary, and her history of hypocrisy, like laughing. about smoking weed, while locking up tons of folks for doing the same, is stomach-turning.

Trust me, Dems didn’t want Kamala, and neither does anyone else.

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But, when the top of your ticket is showing signs of full-blown Alzheimers, it becomes quietly “known” that the VP will be making all the major decisions. And many people suspect that if elected, Biden will make a quick exit, and Kamala will take over as the first female president.

Can you imagine?

Well, Kamala can imagine it – as a matter of fact, she’s thinking about it right now…during a discussion on ABC News, Kamala let the truth slip out when she told the country that if she and Biden get in office the “Harris/Biden” administration will be there to “see and understand” the American people.


You can watch the video below:

We have to show up in record numbers to vote for President Trump. We need to just blow this whole thing out of the water so that the Dems can’t try and tie the election up in court.

With that said, the Biden/Harris, or “Harris/Biden” ticket is probably the weakest, worst ticket I’ve ever seen,  and yes, I am including disasters “Dukakis” and “Mondale” in that assessment.

I truly believe that the Dems didn’t think it mattered who they put up because COVID and riots would have taken President Trump out.

They were wrong and now they’re flailing – and while the idea of  “President. Biden” is awful, the idea of “President Harris” is a thousand times worse.

I don’t think Kamal’s flub will play out well for the “Harris/Biden” ticket.


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