[VIDEO] Kamala Harris Puts On a Really Over-The-Top "Excited" Act For About 10 People in North Carolina

This is just embarrassing beyond belief.

VP candidate Kamala Harris, likely the worst VP pick in the history of politics, just made an absolute fool of herself in North Carolina in front of about 10 people.


Here’s what the “crowd” looks like that she’s speaking to:

Now look at how over the top excited she is behaving; as if she’s talking to an event with 10 thousand people, not ten lonely souls.

She’s literally losing her mind with glee.

Can you get anymore phony than this?

All that was missing was her pulling a bottle of hot sauce out of her purse.

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Let me tell you what this is folks…this is more of that Biden “smoke and mirrors” BS that we’ve been seeing.

They have Kamala act buffoonish like this so that whoever is watching at home will think she’s filled with energy speaking to a massive group of people.

It’s all phony.

This whole campaign looks and feels like one giant CIA psyop.


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