[VIDEO] Kamala Harris Screws Up and Refers to Justice Ginsburg as Deceased Rapper "Notorious B.I.G." in Yet Another Blunder

You’d expect Kamala Harris to be able to remember things and speak coherently since she’s the one who doesn’t have dementia…but that’s not always been the case.

At least when it comes to rappers – Kamala is having a really hard time keeping them straight, and as a result, she’s looking lamer by the minute.

Which is bad news for Team Biden, who thought she’d be the “youngster” to draw in the youth voter.

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The Rap fiasco started last week when Kamala was asked who her favorite “living” rapper was, and Kamala responded with Tupac – a man who was murdered in 1996.

Remember during the primaries when she was asked what rapper she was listening to when she was a “pot smoker” back in college, and she also said Tupac? Problem was, Tupac hadn’t even started his career yet.


Then today, she was trying to talk about “Notorious RBG,” and instead, of saying that, she referred to Ruth Bader Ginsburg as Notorious B.I.G, AKA gangster rapper Biggie Smalls.

Ha ha ha ha!

What a phony this woman is, right?

You can watch the video below:

Kamala is not some “hip lady.”

She’s a stuffy, unlikeable progressive, who is trying really hard to appear like a young, cool chick.

It’s hard to watch because it’s completely unnatural, and it’s not working.

Kamala isn’t fooling anyone.


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