[VIDEO] Kamala Just Showed How Arrogant and Contemptuous She is as She Walked Off Air Force Two

It’s amazing how the Harris/Biden admin can get away with all the bad stuff they’re doing.

But it’s not surprising.

They have the propaganda media in their pocket, and they’re covering for them.


The same media who care so much about “caged kids” when Trump was in office are now collectively yawning over Biden and Kamala’s humanitarian disaster which is 1000X worse than anything Trump ever had on his hands.

And what about Kamala – she’s supposed to be “in charge” of the border, yet she’s never been there and has no foreseeable plans to go.

And she’s so incredibly arrogant about it, to boot.

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Just watch how she completely refuses to answer a single question about the border as she exits Air Force Two.

Such contempt, and such disregard for the American people, who have placed “immigration” as a top-three voting issue.

She doesn’t give a damn what the American people think or feel…that’s obvious by this move.


You can watch the video below:

This is what the elites think of Americans… “you don’t have a righter to get answers.”

There is zero accountability from Kamala or Joe – they don’t feel they owe you and me anything, because we’re just lowly peasants.


And the irony is that Joe and Kamala – who Don’t even know what the border looks like right now – want to take those people and plop them into our neighborhoods and make them our problem.

It’s shameful.

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