[VIDEO] Kamala's Latest Speech Has Many People Feeling Very Uneasy

As we’re hearing rumors swirl Biden is trying to “replace” Harris, she’s busy creeping out a good chunk of America with her latest speech. Kamala is in deep trouble. While Joe’s approvals are ghastly, sitting at 38 percent in the recent USA Today poll, she’s fared much worse, with an approval at an embarrassing 28 percent. And you know, both of those numbers are actually a lot lower.


Dumb and Dumber, or “Sh*ts and Giggles” as they’re also known, are two of the most unpopular duos in political history. And it seems like Joe is ready to cut his cackling sidekick loose. She’s nervous, insecure, and appears as if she doesn’t know what she’s doing. On the flip side, Biden is a buffoon. He looks and sounds like he should be in a memory care facility.

So, keeping all of this in mind, it’s really, really scary for some to listen to this woman talk on issues, rather than just cackle about them. And this issue she picked to babble about is a doozy.

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The “Great Reset,” and now this “awful pandemic” has given us so many “opportunities.

Release eye roll…

Pay attention to HOW she speaks. She sounds drunk or scared – maybe both?


You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online had to say about her comments:

“This is really dystopian and creepy.”

“even the background she standing against has that vast “global” feel.”

“and they wonder why we think all of this is political? lol”

“When’d the damn circus come to town? I didn’t see no trucks.”

“She always has a nervous tone in her voice because because she is talking Nonsense.”

“”Everything under heaven is in utter choas; the situation is excellent.””

“We dont want our nation to be “transformed” we just want it to be fixed, since this terrible administration caused every crisis on purpose.”

“Our problems and the root cause is this administration.”

“this speech is bonechilling, and it’s delivered by a sociopath”

“Her and Nancy must have been sharing a bottle or two today.”


This is the message we hear all the time from the global elites… how “awful the pandemic has been,” but what great opportunities it holds.

That’s code for “push through the Green New Deal.”

No. We want our lives back, and we don’t want a transforming “reset.” If we did, America would have voted for Hillary in 2016, and Biden in 2020.

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