[VIDEO] Karl Rove Shreds "Shameful" Anderson Cooper's Performance at Biden Town Hall "A Poodle Would Have Been Tougher on Joe"

Last night’s Biden town hall was a complete and total joke.

He did not get one tough question and the host of this circus, Anderson Cooper, made a complete fool of himself.

He behaved more like a sympathetic grandson, trying hard to prod along and comfort his forgetful grandfather than a serious journalist.

It was a total spectacle, but exactly what you’d expect from this mess of a campaign and our joke of a media.

At one point Biden couldn’t even remember what a “mailbox” was, for crying out loud.

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At another point, Biden claimed that if President Trump did his job right, every single person who died from COVID-19 would be alive today.

This is the kind of stuff that now passes the “smell test” for CNN “journalists.”


But that wasn’t all – the lies about his college days, and how he was the “first person in his family to attend college” came back up as well, and went completely unchecked.

It’s a laughable joke.

And trust me, this softball spectacle didn’t go unnoticed.

Republican strategist Karl Rove was horrified by the sideshow, and not only called out Biden but also Anderson Cooper for his shameless buffoonery, saying at one point that a “poodle” would have been tougher on Joe.

Man, he’s not kidding.

You can watch the video below:

This is just another way that the media is doing what they can to try and drag Biden over the fish line.

He can’t get there on his own, he needs all the help he can get, and lucky for him we have a phony media that is willing to do acrobats to make that happen.


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