[VIDEO] Kellyanne's Troubled Teen is Back and She's Angry Her Parents Didn't "Consult" Her Before Quitting Their Jobs

I know this child is a troubled teen, so I don’t want to bag on the poor kid too much.

But man, oh man, this girl is a pistol…

She keeps saying “goodbye” and declares she’s leaving social media, and then she keeps coming right back.

She’s 15-years-old, I guess my question is – why are the parents allowing this to continue? At the very least, you should be able to keep your 15-year-old off the internet for more than a day.

As you probably know, Kellyanne and her anti-Trump husband both quit their jobs to be closer to their troubled daughter Claudia, who has been having meltdowns on social media for a while now.

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The latest episode took place a couple of days ago and was one of the worst – Claudia told the world that her mom’s job has “ruined her life” and then went on to say that her mom had “abused” her growing up. She also trashed her father as well.

Both Kellyanne and her husband saw these messages and quit their jobs that day.

Now, Claudia is back, and this time she’s complaining that her parents didn’t “consult her” before they left their jobs in order to better care for her…and she’s mad.

Good Lord. 

You can watch the video below:

The liberal left is a haven for troubled people with emotional and mental issues.

It’s not surprising that poor Claudia would be drawn to that hatefulness, she has so much resentment inside of her.

Let’s hope at some point Kellyanne and her husband can get this girl off of social media and into some kind of therapy.


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