[VIDEO] Kenosha Resident Explains How He Discovered Rioting Mobs Are Actually Out-of-Towner's, Not "Locals"

A Kenosha resident and his daughter stopped to speak with conservative reporters from The Federalist.

The man, whose name is Alvin, is the “face” of who’s suffering most from these BLM riots. It’s black folks – business owners, neighbors, communities that are being torched and destroyed.

It’s heartbreaking to see this happen to good people like Alvin and his daughter.

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But Alvin knows that his community is a good one – and they would never destroy their own this way.

He has figured out that the BLM mob rioting in Kenosha are not “locals.” Alvin says that they’re outsiders.

He points to one business that was destroyed – the owner of the business is one of the most beloved people in the community.

Insiders know that.

Outsiders don’t.

You can watch the video below:

George Soros and his cronies don’t care that they’re ruining black lives. They don’t care that they’re destroying black communities.

All they care about is power and control.


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