[VIDEO] Left-Leaning Podcaster Finally Sees The Light And Unleashes an Epic "Red Rant"

Podcaster Tim Pool has never been what you’d call a “conservative.” He’s part of the Bernie Bro crew who were so disgusted with the left-wing establishment that they flirted with “Trumpism.” But they never got fully on board.


Tim, while very popular, has found it hard to carve out his place on the p0litical sphere because he whines about Trump and conservatism almost as much as he whines about the left-wing establishment. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have some good “takes” that right-wingers and independents like, but he’s not considered a “conservative” or on “our side.”

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Basically, he’s considered a “sit on the fence and complain about both sides” type.

But today, that may have changed.

Tim Pool shocked many people when took the airwaves and let loose with a red-pill rant that nobody expected from him


It looks like the tipping point for Tim has been the FBI raid of investigative journalist James O’Keefe from Project Veritas, who has busted and humiliated many on the left.

It was bad enough that the FBI raided him like he was a common criminal, but then they took his phone, and someone from the FBI leaked information from James’s phone to the New York Times, and they printed the information. It wreaked of a commie political hit.

This infuriated Tim Pool, and he went OFF like a banshee – in a good way.


James O’Keefe is a journalist. I know the left doesn’t like to admit it, but journalists who don’t agree with the progressive political ideology are still journalists and should be protected.

But of course, that’s all out the window when it’s a journalist the left disagrees with. They’re the enemy because they believe in a different political ideology, so they must be destroyed and silenced at all costs.

Once again, I will remind you that this is the communist mentality and it’s how the entire Democrat Party, including the so-called “president,” behaves.


And that scares many people, like Tim Pool, and this type of “red-pilled” rant, results from that.

So, I hope the left keeps it up, because we’re going to have one helluva army voting in 2022. And no amount of “mail-in ballot harvesting” will stop it.

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