[VIDEO] Liberal Responds to Trump Supporter Who Was Murdered in Her City "Tough Luck. Don’t Be a f**king Trump Supporter in Portland"

Just when you think the left can’t sink any lower than they already have, you see something like this and you realize how much lower these monsters can go.

As you likely know by now a Trump supporter was murdered in the streets of Portland by a member of Antifa.

The man who shot Arron J. Danielson in cold blood, simply because he supported the president was killed by police during a shootout when they attempted to arrest him for the murder.

That lowly point brings us to this next one…

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A reporter from “The First On TV” spoke to a liberal woman about the violence in Portland.

He asked her about the Trump supporter who was shot…and her response was sickening.

The liberal woman said (among other things), “Tough luck. Don’t be a f**king Trump. supporter in Portland.”


These people are soulless demons.

You can watch the video below:

So, according to Portland liberals like this woman, if you don’t think exactly how they do,  you will be killed in their city, and it will be your fault since you choose not to believe the right way.

This is the mindset of the left and the mindset of all terrorists. Monsters who belong to ISIS think this way too.

Pray for this woman, she needs Jesus Christ in her dark heart and life.


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