[VIDEO] Liberal Tries to Flee After Harassing Trump Supporters, Drives Straight Into a Street Pole, Then Cops Arrive

If you’re looking for some instant karma and street justice you’ve come to the right spot.

This liberal was trying to steal a Trump supporters flag and it went all sorts of wrong.


The clip starts off with the liberal, in their car, trying to yank away a “Trump flag” from a minority Trump supporter.

The plan doesn’t work out, and then it goes even moe sideways when Karma steps in to make things right.

The driver tries to flee the scene and plows straight into a street pole.

Ha ha ha ha.

Gotta love “street justice,” right?

You can watch the video below:


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This is nothing new. We’ve watched for years how the unhinged and violent left attacks anyone who doesn’t think in lockstep with their communist cult.

They are the most hateful, violent, and racist people on the planet.

And there’s no doubt – that street pole is a Trump supporter!


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