[VIDEO] Lifelong Dem Calls CSPAN After Watching RNC Convention, Says He's Now Voting Straight Republican Ticket in 2020

A lifelong Democrat called into CSPAN last night after watching the first night of the RNC Convention.

He sounded like an older guy,  and he lives in Ohio –  a “Democrat town.” But he’s breaking rank with the party that he’s belonged to for his entire voting-life and he’s voting straight Republican this November.

When the CSPAN host asked him why he gave the best response ever…

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He said he’s switching because the Republicans spoke from their heart and they referenced “God” in nearly everything.

He then said that when he watched the DNC, he felt like the Dems were running away from God.


This guy nailed it.

You can watch the video below:

When you remove God, like the Dems have from their party, all you have left is hate and confusion and bitterness. There’s no joy. There’s no “anchor.” You’re just kinda floating around with no direction or understanding of where you need to go.

I have followed politics all of my adult life…and I have never seen the Democrats in such shambles as they are right now.

And the main reason why is because they left God.



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