[VIDEO] Listen to How Loudly and Obnoxiously This Biden Aide "Shoos" Reporters Away From Joe at UN

Joe Biden was at the UN today, telling everyone how “America is back.”


I’m sure the audience was wondering how Joe could say that with a straight face, especially after everything we’ve gone through, right?

Well, the reason Joe can stand there and say hooey like this is because he doesn’t even know what the hell he’s talking about half the time.

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Many believe that Joe has Handlers and “nursemaids” who do all the thinking and writing for him.

And speaking of his “Handlers,” they sure didn’t want Joe taking any questions at the UN today.

As a matter of fact, they were so adamant against that, they employed their #1 Karen to come out and shoo all the reporters away…and it appears to have worked.

This woman was so loud and so abrasive, that everyone listened to her and just shuffled off like a herd of dumb sheep.


You can watch the video below:

You can just hear it in this nervous and overbearing Karen’s voice how terrified they are of Joe Biden going “off script” and answering a question.


I gotta tell ya, it must be hard producing the Joe Show – especially when you have a “star” who is mentally sick and doesn’t realize it, and actually believes he’s the real “president” and is running the show.

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