[VIDEO] Look How Squirmy and Uncomfortable Bill Gates Gets When Asked About Relationship With Jeffrey Epstein

Well, I think it’s safe to say, from the way Bill Gates behaved in this interview, he’s got some serious skeletons in his closet.


Gates is out there pushing his $1 billion clean energy partnership with large corporations, but he ran into a bit of a brick wall during a PBS interview.

He got a bunch of softball questions at first, but then all hell broke loose and the reporter dropped the “J” word – Jeffrey…as in Jeffrey Espetin, and holy cow did that make Bill squirm.


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Gizmodo.com reported that PBS Newshour host Judy Woodruff actually spent a full 10 minutes discussing other issues with Gates before asking the fourth wealthiest person in the world about his relationship to Epstein. And Gates obviously wasn’t expecting to be asked about the convicted pedophile, who allegedly killed himself in a New York jail in 2019, though many believe he was murdered by powerful people who wanted to keep him quiet.

“I also want to ask you about something else in the public arena, it was reported at that time, that you had a number of meetings with Jeffrey Epstein—who, when you met him ten years ago, he was convicted of soliciting prostitution from minors,” Woodruff said as a preamble to her question to Gates on Tuesday night’s show.

“What did you know about him when you were meeting with him—as you’ve said yourself—in the hopes of raising money?” Woodruff asked.

“You know, I had… dinners with him… I regret doing that…” Gates stammered as he was clearly caught off-guard.

“He had relationships with, ahhh, people he said, you know, would give to global health, which is an interest I have,” Gates continued.

“You know, not nearly enough philanthropy goes in that direction. Uh, you know, those meetings were a mistake. They didn’t result in what he purported, and I cut him off,” Gates said. “You know that goes back a long time ago now. I just… so there’s nothing new on that.”


You can watch the video below:

I don’t think Bill was expecting that question because he clearly was not prepared for it.


But as Paul Joseph Watson puts it, there’s a heck of a lot more to the “Bill and Jeffrey” story than just some casual “dinners,” and hopefully, one day, we can get to the bottom of it…it’ll likely be the only way that we can finally bring these globalist tyrants to their knees.

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