[VIDEO] Look What Happens When Hannity Forgets He's On Live TV

Sometimes we forget that the big media personalities are just normal everyday people.


So, it’s nice when we see the “regular guy” moments happen – it humanizes the news, and makes it feel more personable.

And that’s why I love this 10-second clip of Sean Hannity.

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Hannity didn’t realize that his show was back on the air after the commercial break.

He was caught, with his glasses on, puffing on “smoke,” and reading, as the cameras were rolling live.

I love the look of shock he had when someone off-camera alerted him. He looks over, and when he discovers that he’s “live” on the air, he quickly removes the “smoke” from his

mouth and tries to look “normal.”


It’s actually really funny, and such a “normal guy” moment.

You can watch the video below:

I love the sheepish smile Hannity gets. Just a really fun blooper that I thought you’d enjoy seeing.

We’re all just normal, everyday patriots trying to get through this crazy world, and sometimes, we’re caught with our pants down, but that’s okay…


It just shows that we’re human.

I hope Hannity was able to enjoy his “smoke” after the show!


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