[VIDEO] Look What Joe Biden Says on a "Hot Mic" When He Shakes Maxine Waters' Hand 

There was a bill-signing at the White House, where Joe Biden’s Handlers invited a few Democrats including Pelosi, Chuy Gracia, and Maxine Waters.


A real gathering of “young/fresh faces…”

Anyway, while this bill-signing event was going on, Biden got caught on a hot mic making what appears to be yet another disastrous blunder…and this one involved Mad Max.

The hot mic picked up where Biden was shaking hands with his invited guests, and when he gets to Maxine Waters, who he’s known for like 500 years – he shakes her hand, and says, “Senator, I hope…”


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No, Maxine Waters isn’t running for the senate – but another black woman is – Val Demings.

I guess to Joe, all black women look alike? Good lord, this man is a total mess.

When you watch this keep an eye on how awkward Maxine looks when Joe says speaks to her and how she tries to “fluff” it off.

And to make matters even more horrific, Biden also called Maxine by the wrong name, he referred to her Maxine “Walters.”


You can watch the video below:

Well, Max and Val Demings shouldn’t feel so bad.


Biden thinks all white women look alike too – remember, he couldn’t even tell the difference between his wife and his sister.

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