[VIDEO] Many Americans Appalled By Biden's Statement About "Indians" During Call With NASA

I saw this video and I instantly was appalled by it.


But I decided to go online and see what other people thought, just in case I was letting my bias cloud my judgment.

And it’s a mixed bag.

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The folks on the right are disgusted and sickened by Joe’s latest comments about Indians, and the folks on the left think this was an amazing “compliment” to Indian-Americans.

Joe was speaking to a NASA engineer when he blurted out that Indian-Americans are “taking over the country.”

I don’t see how the left can sincerely believe that what he said was “awesome.”

In my opinion, this was a terribly racist comment by Joe Biden and I’ll tell you why I think that, and I’ll also provide some “backup.”

Joe Biden has this very elitist attitude about minorities. He likes to “stereotype” people. He thinks white people are better – and don’t take my word for it – listen to Joe’s words.

Remember when he said that “poor kids” are just ass “bright and talented” as “white kids.”



I’m sorry, these aren’t “gaffes,” folks…This is an old-school rich racist white man who is struggling to keep up with the new times – especially since he has this very obvious cognitive issue.

And who can forget when he called Obama the first mainstream African American who is “articulate and bright.”

Goor lord.


You see the pattern right?

Biden seems genuinely shocked when a minority does something good or accomplishes greatness because in his old-school racist mind they’re not supposed to do that sort of stuff — so it’s a big surprise and something to really “celebrate.”

Don’t believe me?

Well, Joe doesn’t have faith that “poor minorities” know how to log onto the internet, so of course, he’ll be shocked and excited to see “one of them” succeed at something, right?


And let’s not forget the time he made these disgusting comments about “Indian accents” — claiming you can’t even go to a “7-11” or a “Dunkin’ Donuts” if you don’t have a “slight” Indian accent.


So, when a surprised Joe Biden told an Indian-American NASA engineer that “Indian-Americans” were taking over the country, it didn’t feel like something “great” and “loving.”

It felt divisive.

It also felt forced. Like he’s trying to show everyone what an open-minded guy he is.

And finally, it also felt like he was patting a minority on the head for being one of the “clean” and “articulate” ones.

Hey, at least you’re not at 7-11 or that donut joint…*pats head*

You can watch the video below:

Here is what some people said about Joe’s comments:

“Indian American kids are even smarter than white kids!”

“What a blithering, babbling idiot. Notice he said “MY” Vice President not “The”. Spoken like a true slave owner.”

“According to Biden they’re taking over the 711 and Nasa. I’m so glad he points this out. They’re also taking over Boeing engineering, which didn’t work out so well for them…”

“Joe Biden the biggest RACIST in US History.”

“It’s like that speech at the end of mars attacks.”

“Wait….. isn’t his VP black??????”

“This isn’t a gaffe. The man says more racist things than the KKK. Then again, KKK was started by Dems.”

“So we go from being 7-11 people, cab drivers and liquor store owners to literally taking over the country?”

“Subsequently, Biden has named Apu Nahasapeemapetilon as his Economic Advisor.”

It’d be one thing if Biden has said this, and never said all of the other things he’s blubbered about in the past.

But you need to look at people’s past words and actions to get a real feel for what they’re saying and what they mean.


And if you do that, I believe you will see that Joe has a disgusting pattern of old-school “rich white man” racism.



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