[VIDEO] Many Believe George Conway's Awkward Body Language on MSNBC Proves He's Lying

I am a firm believer that when you have a lot of hate inside of you, it seeps out and you end up wearing it all over your face and body.


And that’s what I was thinking when I watched this MSNBC clip featuring TDS sufferer George Conway.

Mr. Conway, as you know is the husband of Kellyanne Conway and the lunatic Trump-hater who is part of the grifter group “Project Lincoln.”

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Conway has spent the better part of 5 years now spewing some of the nastiest hate around. He regularly attacked President Trump (still does) and his supporters, and any “America First” politician that comes down the pike.

George has a daughter at home who is clearly struggling with mental health issues and is crying out for attention from her parents (but apparently getting none) — and if that’s not bad enough, the founder of his political group the “Lincoln Project” is a pedophile groomer.


Conway appeared on MSNBC to do “damage control” over the pedo scandal involving John Weaver and ended up lying his way through the interview by claiming he “hardly knows” the man who founded the political group that he makes a living off of. Nobody believes this nonsense.

As a matter of fact, independent journalist Mike Cernovich noted that George was a “master class liar” and said George’s body language gave him away.

Here’s what he said: “This is like a master class in liars tells. Blinks blinks blinks. Looks down. Swallows hard. They all knew.”

You can watch the video:

Nobody is buying this story either:

“His acting skills are horrible. And the blonde is just sticking to the script that was given to her”

“It makes a lot more sense now. His character is exposed”

“I co-founded an entire project with a guy, but I barely knew him. Haven’t heard this many lies since Kyrie indicated the world was flat.”

“Lincoln project = Marxist Pedos in Conservative garb”

“I wouldn’t trust Conway to tell me the right time of day.”

Clearly, George’s miserable life filled with hate and revenge is taking its toll on him.


George looks so bloated, and sallow. He has no life behind his eyes – you can see the unhappiness all over his contorted face.

And it’s obvious that he also has some kind of unhealthy obsession with President Trump – he can’t even tear himself away from the internet to focus on his family that’s falling apart.




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