[VIDEO] "March on Washington" Protesters Turn the Sacred "Lincoln Reflecting Pool" Into a Public Bathhouse

The Lincoln Reflecting pool is not a “swimming pool.”

You’re not supposed to swim in it, you’re supposed to look at it, and “reflect.”

But that’s not what happened during the Al Sharpton-led “March on Washington.”

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The Lincoln Reflecting Pool was turned into a beach bash.

This latest move from BLM comes as support for the Marxist group among Americans is plummeting.

Just look at this WI poll (taken before the BLM riots that burned down Kenosha):

You’re not allowed to go church or bury your relatives like a normal person, but if you’re a BLM supporter you can turn the sacred Lincoln Reflection Pool into a party.

From Bizpacreview

In D.C., churches are open, but both indoor AND outdoor services cannot “exceed fifty percent (50%) of the capacity of the facility or space where the service is occurring,” according to the district’s latest guidelines. But for some reason, the rule wasn’t followed as thousands of people congregated closely together Friday:

Nor was D.C.’s ban on mass gatherings containing more than 50 people followed.

Besides showing very little concern about the coronavirus pandemic, the march’s attendees also showed no respect for the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool.

You can watch the video below:

Another reason why Americans are fed up is due to this double standard.

The left can riot and have all of these protests with everyone in a pool, and no masks, and no social distancing, but American business owners can’t reopen their businesses, and their livelihoods are going down the drain.

This “pandemic” is feeling more and more political every day.


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