[VIDEO] Mass Gunshots Ring Out in Streets of Minneapolis as People Continue Rioting Over "False Police Shooting" Rumor

A rumor got started yesterday that a black man was shot and killed by police officers and the riots and looting started again in the already war-torn city.

However, the rumor was incorrect.

It turns out that the man police were chasing was the prime suspect in an earlier murder. As they closed in on him, the suspect took his gun and committed suicide.

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The entire grisly saga unfolded on camera –  and anyone who watches the video can clearly see the murder suspect kills himself just as police approach him.

However, that truth didn’t stop the riots and looting.

Late into the night people were still out in the streets. Large crowds were gathered in Minneapolis when all of a sudden a flurry of gunshots rang out and sent people running for their lives.

You can watch the video below:

This violence comes on the heels of Dems doing a 180-degree turn and suddenly started condemning the violence from their “peaceful protesters” that’s been ongoing for 3 months now.

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It’s clear that Democrats have no control over their violent communist mobs. We can see that by how the Dem officials have failed at containing these riots, and now as they’re all banding together to condemn the violence, nothing has changed – it’s gotten worse.


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