[VIDEO] Massive "Bikers For Trump" Group Surrounds DNC Convention Perimeter in Downtown Milwaukee 

When Trump supporters aren’t taking to the sea in their decked-out pro-Trump boats, they’re on land making a splash.

That’s what happened in downtown Milwaukee, where the DNC was supposed to hold their convention.

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As you know, the low-rated convention is mostly virtual, but the DNC still holds a “perimeter” in downtown Milwaukee, and the group “Bikers for Trump” just swarmed in and surrounded it.

From Bizpacreview

President Donald Trump got a show of support in a surprising location as hundreds of members of the Bikers for Trump organization came together outside of the Democratic National Convention in Wisconsin.

After starting out in West Bend, the group arrived in Milwaukee outside the DNC security perimeter on Wednesday afternoon to make it known that the president has plenty of support in the state.  The peaceful demonstration made up of bikers from Wisconsin and many from out of state included singing the national anthem and saying the pledge of allegiance.

“We’re not concerned about their convention. We wanted to show our presence and support for our president, Donald Trump,” one biker named Jimmy Dean Mead told TMJ4 News.

“They come into Milwaukee, which is fine. That’s their prerogative. They’re having their convention, it’s not a big deal… but we want to show support for our President,” he added. “We don’t want them to think that because they have their convention here, that they took Wisconsin. Wisconsin ain’t theirs, it’s ours.”

You can watch the video below:

There’s no denying that this is a very strange “election season,” but I think that’s how the Dems want it.

They know they have a mentally unfit candidate, and so the less he’s “out there” the better. They also know they have no enthusiasm, and they’re trying to hide that fact from the American people. But you can see it everywhere.

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Where’s Joe Biden’s “boat parades,” and his “Bikers for Joe” group?

Why aren’t the DNC ratings through the roof, with everyone watching to support the “exciting” ticket that is about to bring down orange Man Bad?

I think we all know the answer to those questions….Biden and Kamala are a snore.


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