[VIDEO] Massive Group of Trump Supporters Decided to Bring The "Rally" To Trump

A massive group of Trump supporters decided to bring the rally to Trump as he heals up from his COVID diagnosis.

The YUGE group gathered outside of Walter Reed Hospital with flags, banners, and a sea of MAGA hats, chanting “USA, USA” for their America First President.


President Trump is being monitored by doctors at Walter Reed in the Presidential Suite. It’s quite a remarkable suite, complete with chandeliers, a dining room, and a kitchen, among other things.

I found this tweet online with photos and thought ya’ll might enjoy seeing what it looks like inside:

And even more fun — here’s the crowd that gathered outside.

I know this will put a smile on everyone’s face.

You can watch the video below:

Crazy TDS liberals will never understand the love the American people have for President Trump. He’s more than just a president. He’s our voice. He takes countless hits, day after day after day for us. He’s the one thing that stands between us and the vicious vile swamp that hates the very people who they claim to work for: the American working class.

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You can’t manufacture that type of love and affection. It’s not something Bloomberg or Soros’s money can buy and it’s not something the DNC can whip up in some smoke-filled boiler room.

The support President Trump gets is from the heart and it’s deep, raw, and real, and that’s why our wonderful POTUS will get through all of this and be reelected to run this great nation.


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