[VIDEO] Massive Line Spotted Outside New York City UHAUL as People Flee de Blasio's Crime-Riddled City

The city of New York is dying under Bill de Blasio’s watch.

Thanks to the mishandling of the Coronavirus, riots, and out of control crime, people are fleeing the city in droves.

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From ABC 7

People are leaving New York City in record numbers, and moving companies are so busy they are even turning people away.

7 On Your Side Investigates analyzed postal service address change information to find out just how many left, and since the middle of March, we found many people have fled the state entirely.
Jana Ernakovich moved temporarily to be with family in New Hampshire.

“It was pretty surreal, and I feel like I absconded in the middle of the night because that’s kind of what I did,” Ernakovich said.

Casey Madden moved in with family in Long Island and then moved out of state to Tampa, Florida, with her boyfriend.

“All of the things I loved about New York City kind of just disappeared because of COVID,” Madden said.

The people of New York took a massive hit with Coronavirus – which was handled so poorly right from the get-go. de Blasio and others were urging people to go out and “mingle” because Trump called it the “China virus” or something stupid like that.

And then the riots hit, and the city descended into utter chaos and communist Mayor de Blasio started releasing as many prisoners as he possibly could.

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Now, the streets aren’t safe. Recently a guy in Brooklyn was walking to the store to buy toothpaste and he was shot by a stray bullet and will paralyze for the rest of his life.

Today, someone spotted a massive line of people waiting outside of a New York City UHAUL.

You can watch the video below:

Can you blame these people for leaving?

Why on earth would you pay outlandish rental prices to live in a crime-riddled cesspool, where businesses are either destroyed from fire or tyrannical COVID restrictions?

New York City has survived a lot of things…but it doesn’t look like they’ll survive a communist mayor.


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