[VIDEO] Massive Parade of Trump Supporters Caravan to Downtown Portland With Flags Flying

Hordes of Trump supporters packed into their cars and headed to downtown Portland to show the rioters that they’re not in control and that they love and support President Trump.


And let me tell you, the local liberal commies were not happy

And many don’t understand what the heck is happening LOL

What an amazing show of patriotic force!

From OPB.org

Thousands of people gathered Saturday for a “Trump cruise rally” at the Clackamas Town Center, from which they drove to Portland where a clash with anti-racist demonstrators seemed certain to await.

“We would like to get some fellow American patriots together for a Trump 2020 Cruise rally to support our great president,” the Facebook event page, which drew some 2,500 attendees, says. A post pinned to the page encouraged concealed carry among attendees.

Hordes of trucks flying Trump, Gadsden, American and Thin Blue Line flags had lined the town center parking lot by 4 p.m.

“I know for the most part, everyone here is gonna be pretty civilized. We’re all gonna support the president in safe way,” said Brandon Beck, who was attending his first Trump rally. “Obviously we’re all gonna be in cars, none of us are gonna be burning, looting, or anything. We’re just trying to have fun and stay safe today.”

“We’re gonna be a major parade and showing strength for our president. Which we appreciate all that he’s done, keeping the economy going, fighting China on this virus, keeping us free and saving our Second Amendment.”

Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office vehicles blocked intersections around the Town Center mall to allow the parade of vehicles to pass through, but told OPB they were not providing an escort for the group. However, multiple Oregon state troopers were positioned along Highway 224, the pro-Trump caravan’s primary route to Portland.

You can watch the videos below:

Of course, our amazing patriots met some resistance:

And some fights broke out:

This is how we fight back.

We don’t need to brawl in the streets to make our voices heard and send a message to the communists that we love and support our President and our country.

Bravo to these brave and bold patriots!


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