[VIDEO] Maxine Waters Latest Crazy Claim About Trump Calls Her "Sanity" Into Question

Is Maxie Waters okay?

With so much talk about “conspiracy theories” and strange behavior from our elected officials, her latest comments call into question her own sanity.

Seriously, what she said is certifiable.


Mad Max really went “mad” during an appearance on the half-baked Joy Reid show, where she declared that President Trump should be charged with “attempted murder.”


Comments like this are not normal, and well-balanced people don’t spew this kind of wild rhetoric that only incites violence and fan the already outrageous and uncontrollable flames of division.

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Many people on the left want to talk about Q kooks and so-called radical insurrectionists while ignoring this dangerous and nutty behavior from their own leaders.

What is accomplished by making such a stupid and wild claim?

I’ll tell you what it does – it fires up an already unhinged/low-info base into believing that they’re now fighting a righteous war against a wannabe murderer.

This way, anything they do or say is now somehow “justified.”

The crazy Dem base has already been brainwashed into believing that President Trump has been a Russian agent this entire time, and now, thanks to Mad Max, they also believe he’s a murderer too.

And that’s not dangerous?

That’s not “inciting” potential violence and hate?

It’s utter nonsense to suggest that it doesn’t.


You can watch the video below:

The issue we have now is that the GOP has no fight in them. Instead of pushing back on these crazy communists and using their own nutty words against them, they cave to the left and chastise patriotic fighters like Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s past tweets and comments mean nothing, but the dangerous and wildly crazy things that Maxine Waters is saying today, mean everything…yet, the GOP is silent, quaking in their boots and going on their usual “that’s not who we are” apology tour.


And while they waste time and energy doing that, Maxine is busy whipping left-wing kooks into a frenzy.

This is why the left wins and we always lose.


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