[VIDEO] McCloskey's Just Triggered a Liberal Anarchist By Handing Her a Newly-Printed Photo of Themselves Defending their Home

Wow. This liberal lady was “triggered” on steroids.

The woman,  whose Twitter accounts indicates she’s an “anarchist” who supports Occupy Wall Street, ran into the “Armed St. Louis couple,” as they exited a print shop in the St. Louis area.

Sure, just their presence alone was enough to send this liberal into a tizzy, but it was what they had just gotten printed that really sent her careening off the cliff.

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The woman filmed on her phone as they McCloskey’s exited the print shop, and discovered that they took photos of them defending their home from the violent BLM mob, and had them printed so they can use them on their holiday greeting cards.


The liberal anarchist was so mad, she started chanting about “burning down the suburbs,” and a bunch of other commie junk.

But it’s what Mr. McCloskey did next that really sent her sailing over the edge…he offered her one of the photos.

You can watch the video below:

The McCloskey’s are the gift that. just keeps on goving.

And one bright spot in all the terror that they had to go through, is that thanks to BLM, we have  two new Trump supporters!

I can’t wait to see the finished Holiday card….Let’s hope they share the final product.



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