[VIDEO] MI House Speaker Says "Constitutional Crisis" Could Still Overturn Biden's Victory in the State

GOP Michigan lawmakers met with President Trump recently.


The meeting was reportedly set up to show the lawmakers “evidence” of fraud.

It’s unclear exactly what was shared or how the meeting played out, but the Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield appeared on “Fox and Friends” afterward where he said that Biden’s “win” in the state could still be overturned if it’s determined that there is a “Constitutional crisis.”

Aaron Rupar, a very liberal “journalist” shared the video.

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Here’s what he said: “Here’s Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield (R) telling Fox & Friends that a “constitutional crisis” could still overturn Biden’s victory there’

You can watch the video below:

This is not over. Believe it or not, the real fight is just starting.

The main thing to do now is not get distracted by the media, who are hell-bent on placing Joe Biden in the White House.

Let’s not get gaslit by the lying fake news media.

Remember, they’re all liars, they didn’t wake up on 11/4 and decide to start telling the truth.

President Trump is currently fighting hard and he deserves his day in court. He’s representing all of us and the Constitution.

So, we need to rise up and fight right alongside him.


This election will go to the courts and I still believe we will win. I won’t believe otherwise until the last gavel hits the wood.

Don’t give up and don’t give in.

We didn’t fight this hard for 5 years to roll over when the Deep State strikes.

There’s a process and it needs to play out, and remember, President Trump is the best closer in the business.


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