[VIDEO] Morning Joe's Latest Line of Attack Against Dems is Most Effective One Yet

The Democrats are out of touch. They’ve lost their way. They are now the party of white liberal elites. They want to shove through an agenda that appeals to wealthy snobs, filled with soy, solar, and other useless Green New Deal nonsense. These are not the things that Americans are worried about. We’re not sitting here focused on the latest “doomsday” report from the Climate Cult. We want cheap gas, inexpensive heating, and cooling, and we don’t want to pay outrageous prices at the grocery store. We also don’t want to wait 3 months to get our dishwashers or cars fixed. Life under Joe Biden feels hopeless and chaotic. And it feels like nobody cares. There’s no sense of urgency to fix anything.


The border is a mess. Who cares?

Americans are still stranded in Afghanistan. Oh well.

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Supply chain is backed up. Tough luck.

Gas prices are soaring. Deal with it.

This is the overall attitude from Biden and his commie crew. But for climate change – something that may or may not happen a decade from now, it’s an “urgent” matter.

Americans notice this, and they’re not happy. And Joe Scarborough from “Morning Joe” also notices it, and he’s not happy either.


You can watch the video below:

When you’ve lost nutbag Morning Joe, things are really hitting the bottom of the barrel.


This guy is so desperate to keep Dems in power, if there was anything good to say, he’d be shouting it from the rooftops.

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