[VIDEO] MSNBC Actually Airs Shocking Footage of Pennsylvania Voters Condemning Biden and Harris For "Fracking" Stance

Are you sitting down? You might wanna be for this one…Either that or check outside and see if hell’s frozen over or pigs are flying, because the fake news over at MSNBC just aired some actual real news that’s very damning to Biden and Harris.

The topic of “fracking” came up last night during the VP debate.

Now, in the very recent past, both Biden and Harris have made it 100% clear that they do not support fracking.


As a matter of fact, they’ve both vowed to end it.

Here are several clips of Biden saying he’d do away with fracking – the life’s blood of Pennsylavian.

You can watch the video below:

And here’s Kamala also saying she’s in favor of banning fracking:

Yet now that they’re in front of the national audience, these two buffoons LOVE fracking and can’t wait to support it…yeah right. Give me a break.

This is the biggest 1990s political song and dance routine ever.

If these two clowns ever got within 1000 feet of the White House they’d impose the most radical “Green New Deal” agenda you’d ever see, and all the coal workers in PA would be sh*t out of luck.

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But the good news is, the American people see through this charade, as we discovered when MSNBC hit the road to ask a couple of people how they felt about the Biden campaign and the topic of fracking.

It didn’t end well for them – and one of the people was a very sensible-looking younger woman, who if you looked at her you’d think she voted for Hillary.

You can watch the video below:

The Harris/Biden campaign is one of the strangest political campaigns I’ve ever seen. It’s like they don’t realize we have video recordings of all the stuff they’ve said in the past.

Or their so confident their pals in the media won’t show it…but surprise, surprise, there’s this thing called the internet and we can share stuff and lots of people get to see it.

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Why, just today, Joe once again refused to answer the question on “stacking the SCOTUS” and told voters they’ll just have to wait until after the election for him to answer that.


I really don’t know what this campaign is thinking. Yes, I realize they have their “mail-in ballot” scam, but even so, this is a very strange and poorly-run campaign top to bottom.


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