[VIDEO] MSNBC of All People, Just Delivered Some Crushing Info to Pennsylvania Dems

All along, Trump has had the momentum, no matter what the lying fake news media has been saying.

I’m sorry, but nobody is “excited” or “stoked’ to vote for some old corrupt career politician who’s been in government for 47 years, and sounds and behaves as if he has full-blown Alzheimer’s.


If we wanted to go back to the God awful “Obama days” we would have voted for that loser Hillary, who was running as his “third term.”

But what you really want to see at the end of the campaign is who is really running on all cylinders, having fun, generating the right kind of buzz, and who has that major amount of enthusiasm and momentum.

Well, we know who that candidate is…It’s President Trump, and the folks working at the Dem SuperPac also known as “MSNBC” also knows that, and they just dropped a major bomb on Dems in Pennsylvania.

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You can watch the video below:

In addition to this grim “Dem news” I have some more bad Pennsylvania news for the Dems that I stumbled upon this morning.

Look at these stats from Trump’s recent campaign event in Erie, PA.

Trump’s got the momentum, now all we have to do is keep pushing the info out, supporting Trump and all R’s down-ballot, and get out and VOTE – and make sure the Trump supporters around us will be voting.

We got this. Our cause is righteous!


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