[VIDEO] Newsom Appears Tired and Pale, Acts Nervous and Defensive During Bizarre "Comeback" Presser

Gavin Newsom was MIA for so long that people were ready to put his face on a milk carton. Nobody knew what was going on. Newsom got his COVID booster shot and then *bam* he vanished for almost 2 weeks. He missed his precious Climate Summit and the only thing his office said was that he was fulfilling “family obligations.” Meanwhile, Gavin claims he wanted to spend “Halloween” with his kids. Um, it took 2 weeks to spend “Halloween” with his kids? How long does Halloween last in Gavin’s house?


Well, today, Gavin made his big “comeback” and it was bizarre and downright creepy. Gavin looks to me like he’s lost weight, his skin color looks washed out and pale, and he looks drained and tired.

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Kind of odd, for a guy who’s been kicking back, hanging out with his family for a couple of weeks, right?

But that wasn’t the worst of it – Gavin was nervous, and defensive when he talked with reporters.

Definitely not the attitude of a “fresh off vacation” guy.

You can watch the video below:


It’s odd that Gavin is so defensive. If anything, you’d think that he’d be humble and offer his apologies for creating a stir.

But that’s not what happened, and like I said, earlier, he looks terrible – I think he looks weak, pale, and tired.

This is not what you’d expect to see and hear after a man has been soaking up good vibes with his family for two weeks.

Daily Mail is reporting an “unverified” story that Gavin was actually ill from the COVID booster and the flu shot combination.

Newsom says he’s fine, and he had no reaction.


I wouldn’t expect him to say anything different.

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