[VIDEO] NJ Truck Driver Turned Senator Has Tucker Laughing His A** Off With One Great Zinger

The results of the recent elections in VA, NJ, and other states are still being relished by conservatives. And while we love Youngbin won, and they flipped the statehouse, and all that amazing jazz, I still think the best race was the one where the furniture truck driver ousted the career-Dem in the New Jersey Senate. Ed Burr, who is just a normal guy, fed up with the representation in his part of town, so he did something about it.


As you likely know by now, the story goes that Ed only spent a small amount of money to run against the “swampy” incumbent Steve Sweeney, and a lot of Ed’s campaign money went to buying Dunkin’ Donuts – which I think is outstanding. Ed is just a typical American. He’s sick of the “DC style ” politics going on his own state, and he wanted to be the change. He didn’t hire PR people or political consultants, and he didn’t make sweeping speeches written by other people.

Ed just went to his neighbors’ homes and talked to them… this was old-fashioned politics, where the people mattered more than the donors and the special interest. Something most of us have sadly forgotten about.

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And at first, Mr. Sweeney didn’t take the loss well. He tried to say they had found 12 thousand more ballots and refused to concede for about a week. But in the end, he finally tossed in the towel and now Ed Durr is officially a state senator. When Ed gave his first official press conference, he told the crowd, “I feel like I am going to throw up.”

Ha ha ha. Love this guy.

But, it’s what he said to Tucker that really brought the house down. Probably one of the best political zingers of all time, and it made Tucker literally, laugh his a** off.



Here are some comments online:

“Such a down to earth truth and honesty. He’s amazing. That’s what’s exceptional about our country!”

“Tucker, love your laugh……”


“And Ed Durr is definitely a gentleman. Going to enjoy following him! Love Tucker’s laugh too.”

“That made my day great every day people those are the people that Trump recognized”

“This was a great interview and @TuckerCarlson laugh was priceless!!”

“That response was a 10 out of 10.”

I loved how Ed’s honest response caught Tucker off guard and made him laugh like that.

You have to admit, poor Tucker doesn’t deal with a lot of “decent Americans” on his show, so this had to be a welcome change of pace.

US News reported that Mr. Sweeney conceded the contest shortly before Durr’s appearance at Gloucester County Republican headquarters.

“I of course accept the results. I want to congratulate Mr. Durr and wish him the best of luck,” Sweeney said during a speech at the statehouse complex Wednesday.

Sweeney said his loss to Durr, who spent at least $2,300 in the contest, was the result of overwhelming GOP turnout in his suburban, politically split district. Sweeney lost by about 2,000 votes after spending about $305,000 on his campaign.


“It was a red wave,” Sweeney said.

Let’s hope we have more “red waves” in about a year.

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