Video of Kamala and a Famous Old Boyfriend On The Red Carpet Resurfaces

Boy, Kamala was really hobnobbing with the rich, famous, and powerful back in her heyday, wasn’t she? Kamala has a reputation for being a woman who will do just about anything to climb the “corporate ladder.” Now, I don’t know if that’s true or not, many people – women and men – do whatever they need to do to advance themselves and their careers. The rumor about Kamala’s tactics actually started with former San Fran Mayor Willy Brown, who dated Kamala, and basically called her out for using her “womanly ways” to get a leg up (pun intended).


But now, a new “old flame” story has come back to haunt Kamala. Did you know she used to date controversial former talk show host Montel Williams? It’s true, and there’s even a video of the pair on the runway, where Montel has to “introduce” her to reporters who have no clue who she is.


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Tucker actually covered this on his show and even invited Montel Williams on to discuss his past relationship with Kamala.


I don’t see Montel taking Tucker up on that offer. If you’ll recall, a few years back when Montel was still very active in politics, he made it painfully clear he was not interested in any “America First” policies.


But the talk about Montel and Kamala has reignited the debate about how this seemingly very insecure woman rose to such a place of power.

“In one way or another they’re all just actors.”

“Have you ever seen such a powerful woman who is so insecure and nervous in her own skin? This is why. She got a free ride, she didn’t earn anything” 

“She was really trying to climb that ladder, back in the day, Montel was the man” 


Right now, Kamala is struggling to find her “footing” as the so-called “VP.” Her approvals are at a horrific 28 percent in the most recent USA Today poll.

Clearly, whatever she’s trying to sell, the American people are not buying it.

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