[VIDEO] One Conservative Pundit Just Made a Keen Observation About Trump's Rally...

It’s amazing – Joe Biden supposedly got “82 million historic votes” in 2020, yet nobody shows him any support – ever. Not in person, not online, nowhere – well, except the fake news polls – that’s the only place you see this supposed “support for Biden.”


What a joke.

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Meanwhile, the guy who supposedly lost the election is hosting a rally in Wellington, Ohio, that’s PACKED – yet, the “most beloved politician of our lifetime” can’t even get 1000 views on his YouTube speeches.


And this tweet from conservative pundit John Cardillo really sums it all up, doesn’t it? Here’s what he said: “No one takes Biden’s presidency seriously. Not Americans. Not foreign leaders. Not allies. Not enemies. Trump’s rally is packed. Dementia Man Bad can’t get 1000 viewers on YouTube.”

And as always, everyone is having a blast. That’s what Trump rallies are – F-U-N!

You can watch the videos below:

Look at this crowd:

Trump also recited the “Snake” poem.

And of course, the “four more years” chant!

All of this, but we’re to believe that Joe Biden won in a landslide?


A man who can’t even string a sentence together?

Nobody believes this nonsense.

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