[VIDEO] Parents Throw Punches at School Board Meeting On Critical Race Theory and Transgender Agenda

There’s one thing you don’t mess with.



And that’s exactly what the left is doing right now with CRT or “Critical Race Theory.”

They are indoctrinating children at the grade-school level with progressive propaganda and anti-white/anti-American Marxist hate.

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Because that’s exactly what CRT is. It’s a theory that claims people are either the oppressed or the oppressor based on the color of their skin.

This type of teaching seeks to further divide this country along race lines, by stating that black people can’t get ahead unless they’re lifted up, and white people are inherently evil and are the main reason black people can’t rise up.


This is absurd. 

The main reason there’s a lot of crime, drugs, and poverty in black communities is that they’re run by Democrats, who would much rather see blacks down and angry, than happy and prosperous.

Well, one group of parents in Loudoun County Virginia got physical and threw punches at a school board meeting on CRT and the transgender agenda being pushed by the schools.

You can watch the videos below:

School should be about learning reading, writing, and arithmetic, and other appropriate subjects like that.

It’s not for creating little pint-sized progressive social justice warriors – and I don’t care what the liberals say – that’s precisely what they’re doing.

They’re going after grade-schoolers the same way they did college kids.


These parents not only feel their county slipping away, with screwy elections and this Marxist/progressive cult that’s sweeping the nation, but they also feel as if they’re losing their kids as well…and they’re now in full-blown fight mode.

Do you blame them for lashing out?


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