[VIDEO] Pay Back? Giant Bug "Sniffs" Around and "Nuzzles" Biden's Neck During Live-Stream Speech

Joe “The Sniffer” Biden just got a taste of his own medicine in some random wheat field near his house.

Biden’s handlers dressed him up and plopped him a field in front of a rickety old “Tom Sawyer” fence…really great optics for a guy who comes off as old fashioned, bumbling, and totally out of it.

Biden delivered a bizarre “fear-mongering” speech on Climate Change where he said suburbs were on fire and being flooded, and it was all Trump’s fault, bla bla bla.

But it’s what happened with a GIANT bug that has everyone buzzing (pun intended).

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While Joe was delivering this really strange speech, a huge bug landed on his shoulder and made it’s way to his neck, and “sniffed and nuzzled” until Biden had to *SPLAT* it.

Now Biden knows what all the women who he’s sniffed and nuzzled felt like.

Remember those videos? Check out this video from back in the early days of the Dem primary. College kids were shown videos of Biden “creeping” on women and young girls. Their reaction says it all

You can watch the video below:

So, when you see a big, icky bug creeping around Joe’s neck, you kinda have to smile and think “serves you right.”

…and leave it to amazing Trump supporters to make a great video about it!

You can watch the video below:


Biden didn’t look good during this speech, and he sounded even worse.

He looked like an elderly man who wandered outside and got lost.

I think conservative pundit Mark Dice put it best this tweet:

I can’t argue with that.

When you look at Biden now, compared to how he looked and behaved at the start of the Dem primary, they don’t even look and act like the same person.


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