[VIDEO] Pelosi Suggests there Was a "Conspiracy Theory" By Salon Owners to Sabotage Her "I was Setup"

Nancy Pelosi is such an elitist snob, that she can’t take responsibility for what she did wrong – she’d rather blame a small business owner and try and run them out of business.

Pelosi was busted getting her hair done in a San Fransisco hair salon without her mask on and now she’s lashing out at the salon, and even suggesting it’s a “conspiracy theory,” and that there’s “more to the story” and she was “set up.”

Here’s the video of Pelosi in the salon without her mask:

“I take responsibility for trusting the word of a neighborhood salon I’ve been to over the years many times, and when they said we’re able to accommodate people, one person at a time, and that we can set up that time, I trusted that. As it turns out, it was a setup,” she said.

“It was a setup, and I take responsibility for falling for a setup,” she added.

She then shredded the eSalon owners, and claims they owe her an apology.

What an elitist snob.

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But it gets better…She then threatened there could be “more to the situation” than the camera revealed.

HA HA HA…another conspiracy theory has been born!

”There’s more to this that I’m not going to ask to the motivation for a salon to say to me, “Yes, come in’ and then they go for me. It was clearly a setup,” she said.

“I think that this salon owes me an apology, for setting me up,” she added.

And she said she wasn’t wearing a face mask because she just had her hair washed, asking the reporters questioning her if they wore a face mask when washing their hair.

“I just had my hair washed. I don’t wear a mask when I’m washing my hair. Do you wear a mask when you’re washing your hair? I always wear a mask,” she said. ‘And that picture is when I just came out of the bowl.”

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Well, yes, Nancy, you’re laying back in a chair with your HEAD in the bowl, not your face – and your mouth and nose are very close to the person standing above you washing your hair, so you should have been wearing your mask at that time, more than any other, to be quite honest.

San Francisco beauty parlors weren’t supposed to open until September 1, the day after the speaker had her treatment.

You can watch the video below:

I came across this tweet that I thought perfectly summed up the elitist Democrats.

“I just got a video of @SenatorMenendez in a restaurant walking around with no mask, Nancy Pelosi got her hair done with no mask and Ruth Bader Ginsburg just officiated a wedding with no mask… Yet their party says you can’t vote in person. Liars. It’s a setup for fraud.”

Clearly, the Democrats don’t believe this nonsense that they’re pushing.

This is just about politics and mail-in ballots. We can’t allow this to happen. We must push back, and push back hard.


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