[VIDEO] People Speculate McAuliffe is "Drunk" During Bizarre Speech, Where His Lips Were "Red Wine Color"

This was a big, big night for the GOP in Virginia. Folks online are calling it a “wokelash.” This means the Dems “woke agenda” got slashed to bits. Ain’t that the truth. McAuliffe – who was once the governor of Virginia – campaigned on abortion, critical race theory, racism, and Trump. And he lost, in what many are calling a “political bloodbath.” But everything Terry campaigned on, in a blue state, was all the foundational issues the Dems have been toting, and his “people” soundly rejected him. That’s a big, big deal.


And while we all breathe a collective sigh of relief, we’re not completely home free until Terry concedes and Youngkin gives his acceptance speech – because we all know what happens in the wee hours of the morning in these Dem polling places, right? “Waterpipes” burst and ballots magically show up.

So, when Terry came out to give a speech, many thought that he was going to concede, but he didn’t. Instead, he claimed there were still a lot of votes out there to count (there’s not), meanwhile, most outlets have already called the state for Youngkin.

But besides that sore loser move from a career politician, what caught most people’s attention was how RUBY RED Terry’s lips were…as if he’d been slugging back a helluva lot of red wine.

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Drowning his sorrows, perhaps?


Also, Terry sounds like he’s slurring a bit when he talks.

Human Events editor Jack Posobiec tweeted out the video saying, “He’s toasted.”

You can watch the video below:

But things really took a bad turn when he started dancing.

However, don’t worry, Daily Wire added a song that I think you’ll like.


Here’s what some folks online had to say about Terry and his ruby red lips:


“his lips are redder than the 2 women standing behind him.”

“My mom texted me earlier tonight that his lips were purple LOL”

“It’s sad when democrats lose fair and square they don’t wanna concede, but when they stuff they ballot boxes then they are all about people needing to concede”

“Looks like Terry’s been hitting a bottle of Burgundy backstage” 

“Maybe he should have used a straw” 

“Is he transitioning to try and get more votes?” 

“Is he wearing lipstick?”

“Lol looks like corpse makeup.”

“Lack of oxygen”

“Are they blue or red? It’s hard to tell” 

“Definitely not the face of an optimistic candidate”

“He’s a known drunk”


Meanwhile, over on the Youngkin side, the “Let’s Go Brandon” chants are starting and the mood is much more festive.


Let’s hope that Terry sobers up and gives his concession speech soon, so we can all get on with our celebration, free from worries about “truckloads” of missing ballots that just popped up out of nowhere.

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