[VIDEO] Pete Hegseth Manhandles Pipsqueak Texas Dem, Uncovers Real Reason They Reject "Voter ID"

Do you want to see a pipsqueak Texas Democrat get steamrolled by a freight train of facts? Well, here you go, enjoy.


As you likely know by now, a group of Texas House Dems literally fled the state on a private “booze” plane, in order to try and stop a  vote on an “election integrity” bill.

They boarded the private plane, all smiles, carrying a bunch of beer, and headed for the DC swamp as a form of “protest” against voter ID laws.

A day later, the vote successfully took place.

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What a pointless and expensive “political stunt” that was, right?

And when these Texas PR stunt masters are put in the hot seat and questioned about “voter ID” laws, they can’t seem to get their story together.

Just take a look at this little baby-faced pipsqueak who Fox News Pete Hegseth absolutely annihilated.


He literally can’t explain why he opposes “voter ID.”

During the interview, Pete manages to reveal the “real reason” Dems don’t want voter ID when he mentions the last 4 digits of the SSN rule..that’s the clincher here.

With that rule in place, and still being “fought tooth and nail,” it’s become painfully obvious for everyone to see that Dems simply don’t want people proving who they are when they vote, and that’s scary.

You can watch the video below:

In addition, does this little political tyke realize that you don’t need a “driver’s license” to vote?

If you can’t get a driver’s license for whatever reason, you can get a state ID.


And if so many downtrodden people – “hundreds of thousands” don’t have an ID, why aren’t Dems trying to help them? Because in order to live a normal and productive life in the US, you need an ID.

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