[VIDEO] Peter Navarro Goes There....He Actually Calls Dr. Fauci a “Sociopath” in Heated Interview

Trump’s closest advisor Peter Navarro just got wind of Fauci’s latest antics and he is mad as hell.

Fauci has sunk to a new low and is now claiming that he is solely responsible for pushing the initial COVID-19 vaccine.


Of course, we all know this is a complete lie.

Trump has long been credited with “Operation Warp Speed” and Fauci trying to steal any credit for it is downright pathetic.

Check out Navarro’s blistering response to Fauci’s lies here:

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It’s actually incredibly ironic that Fauci is claiming that he’s helped save the public from this virus considering that he’s actually been tied to controversial research related to COVID in Wuhan, China.

From Revolver

But this new research wasn’t just about bats. It went deeper and darker than that. As a matter of fact, Dr. Fauci was among the first to fund the controversial “Gain of Function” ferret research in Wuhan, China. Fauci was so committed to the controversial work that back in 2011 he wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post, entitled, “A Flu Virus Risk Worth Taking,” where he vigorously defending “Gain of Function” research.

But something very interesting took place right before Obama’s moratorium on “Gain of Function” took effect.

Dr. Fauci had commissioned a study to assess the risk of new Coronaviruses emerging from wild animals. Fauci wanted to see what viruses could infect animals and humans. The directive behind the research and written in the project summary was “Gain of Function” manipulation.

But the Obama admin was getting cold feet about the program.

While many in the scientific community (like Fauci) were very excited by “Gain of Function” research, the more popular it became, the more scrutiny it received, and significant security issues were being raised. Eventually, the controversy got to be too much and in 2014 the United States pulled the plug.


Fauci has gotta be one of the biggest snakes we’ve seen out of D.C. in quite a while.

He’s an absolutely vile creature who thrives on injecting his venom into any vulnerable prey, which in this instance is the American people.

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