[VIDEO] Phil Robertson Reminds Everyone That American Gun Owners Are “Largest Army in The World”

Well, this didn’t take too long…

We’re only a couple of months into Biden’s presidency and already his administration is already talking about big-time gun confiscation.


This is of course something that most would’ve expected from Biden, but certainly not this early, but the latest shooting in Colorado has certainly given them the same old political talking points to try and ram this through.

But Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty has a serious warning to Dems who are going for a gun grab and he is 100% correct.

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Robertson is using facts to argue against the government disarming the public by stating the fact that Americans who own firearms make up one of the largest army’s in the world and any foreign forces wouldn’t stand a chance against them.

Watch the video:

From The Blaze

Phil shared an article from the Bradenton Herald that argued the number of licensed hunters in the state of Wisconsin alone, would constitute “the 11th largest army in the world,” outnumbering the people under arms in Iran, as well as France and Germany combined.

The article’s author also pointed out that Wisconsin’s 894,543 “men, women and youngsters, were deployed in the woods of a single American state to hunt with firearms. They did so efficiently and with expertise — no one was killed.”

Noting the statistics in the article, Phil suggested that the millions of legal gun owners in this country would serve as the “largest army in the world” should there be “an armed invasion from another country.”

“Any way you slice it, this old guy is just saying there’s going to be a bone to be chewed if some kind of foreign army comes in here,” Phil said. “We have a gigantic army of armed individuals waiting on them. America will forever be safe from foreign invasion with that kind of fire power.”


The fact is that the Second Amendment is truly what America stands for.

It’s the ultimate symbol of independence, but for some reason, Dems just seem intent on taking it away from us.

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