[VIDEO] Philadelphia BLM Rioters Destroy a Driver's Vehicle While His Terrified Dog is Inside

A terrifying situation unfolded in Philadelphia, with a car and a poor, scared dog.

The video shows a group of Antifa-clad “BLM” rioters vandalizing a person’s vehicle.

The person had their dog in the car.

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The violent mob kept repeating “go back to Massachusetts,” as they destroyed the car.

The car had out of state plates. 

The group was smashing the windows, and using what looks to be a hammer to dent the car, and also kicking the vehicle, all while the dog was inside.

They discovered the frightened, and angry animal when they smashed the back window.

At that point, the scared dog growled and barked, and the disgusting mob began yelling at the poor animal and continued destroying the car.

You can watch the video below:

These people are like ISIS terrorists. They have zero compassion for anything or anyone.

If that poor dog has lashed out at them, I am 100% convinced they would have tried to kill it.

These are not people you can reason with. Their zombie soldiers in a violent hate-filled army and their goal – just like ISIS – is to install their “caliphate” and make sure you, and your animals obey.


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